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Uncover the Truth with a Private Investigator in Victorville, CA

No one plans to need investigative services. However, life sometimes presents troubling scenarios where you may need this type of professional assistance. Custody battles, divorce, and questions of partner fidelity are but a few. When you need to know the truth, whatever it might be, MPI Investigation is here to help.

Catching an individual you suspect is doing wrong requires a great deal of time and effort, two resources you probably can’t give up when you’ve got a full schedule. Instead, trusting your research needs to our skilled private investigator in Victorville, CA is a viable alternative.

More than just an investigation firm, we’re also an accredited DNA testing laboratory that strives to provide accurate results with a quick turn around time. Our trusted investigative team is prepared to gather answers about those in question in both personal and professional environments. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured that your interactions with our agency will be kept strictly confidential.

Turn to an Experienced Private Detective

Leroy Milton, Jr. is our agency’s director and chief Investigator. He is a retired police captain and honorably retired U.S. Air Force Officer with more than 30 years of combined military, law enforcement, and private criminal justice experience. In addition, he has dual Master’s degrees in Administration of Justice and Human Relations.

Various individuals and organization turn to private detectives either as a matter of course or to satiate their skepticism with definitive answers and comprehensive background checks. No matter if we’re performing infidelity investigations or drug and substance abuse testing on a subject, you can be sure our professionals will always deliver accurate, effective services. Whether you’ve called on our specialists for personal or professional matters, we’re committed to helping you find clarity and keep moving forward.

Providing Our Clients with Tangible Evidence

If you’re concerned that your partner or spouse may be cheating on you, your concerns aren’t likely to disappear unless you do something about them. Rarely will the skeptical party receive an admission of adulterous behavior from the individual in question without proof. Fortunately, we proudly provide surveillance services to give our clients tangible proof of wrongdoing, and most importantly, an advantage in an emotionally taxing situation. Let our specialists provide you with the evidence you need and help you achieve the finality your deserve.

Contact our investigative agency to learn more about our personal and professional research services. Based in Victorville, California, we proudly serve clients statewide.