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Skilled Private Investigator in Victorville, CA

Sometimes we need to have a little bit more information about a subject than we can get on our own. That is when you need to turn to a private investigator in Victorville, CA. The discreet team at MPI Investigation works as your eyes and ears as they work to uncover the truth of the situation about which you are curious. With their services, you are able to attain the correct information you need in a hassle-free manner.

Trusted, Experienced, & Very Thorough

From pre-employment screenings to substance abuse testing, our agency provides the services necessary to help you get to the truth. By having us handle these background checks, surveillance, and interrogations, you are able to save time and resources while getting an honest, full scope of the persons of interest.

As your private investigation agency, our team pays close attention to all of the details involved in your situation. This ensures that the reports we deliver to you are accurate and definitive so that the results of our investigations are valid and verifiable. Contact us to learn more about the different types of background and surveillance services we perform, including:

Drug Testing - Make sure that new hires and current employees aren’t putting your business in jeopardy by turning to us to perform regular drug testing. We help you keep and create a positive work culture and a healthy environment.

Background Checks - When you are looking to hire someone new for your business, but want to make sure that they can be trusted; our background checks help you screen potential employees so that you have a clear understanding of their past.

DNA Tests - When you are not sure if you are the parent of a child or a long-lost relative steps back into your life; you want answers. With DNA and paternity testing from our accredited and licensed agency, you are able to find out the real answer.

Surveillance - If you suspect that a spouse or partner is cheating on you or you suspect an employee is lying about a worker’s compensation claim; call us. Have our investigator provide surveillance for you so you can find out the truth.

Our private detective in Victorville, CA, performs background checks.