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Proudly Serving the State of California

A Thorough Full-Service Criminal Investigation Agency in Victorville, CA

When you are armed with the facts of a situation, you can move ahead with confidence your position is built on the truth. Get that support by putting the skills of MPI Investigation to work for you. As a full-service criminal investigation agency in Victorville, CA, we are prepared to pin down the facts and details you need to put your mind at ease, regardless of the case.

Folders of criminal and civil investigations in Victorville, CA.

Exploring Every Angle

Our seasoned investigative specialists will explore every angle of your civil or criminal matter to get the information you deserve. On the criminal side, we’re ready to support you if you suspect a crime and need details to prove it. We’ll call on more than 30 years’ worth of experience to lead your investigation and follow the facts.

We combine an array of techniques, including surveillance, to gather evidence to establish whether a crime has been committed. You can then use this knowledge to plan your next steps toward justice.

Putting the Facts Together

Suspicions and guesses can be maddening when you have an issue for which you need to find answers. At MPI Investigation, we’ll help you put the facts together through either a criminal or civil investigation. We’ll deliver to you the accuracy and truth you need to find closure in any situation. 

If you feel that you’re being deceived, at work or home, and need to know if your hunches are groundless or rooted in reality, we’ll explore the issue for you. Our investigators will track down the truth. We’ll have your back, even when you feel there’s something fishy going on behind it. You can rely on us to find evidence of infidelity, drug abuse, or any other issue that’s plaguing you. You will learn the truth and have the relief that comes with knowing.